Icon-It Embroidery

Add one of our Icon-It designs to help a product say more about you. With our Satin Stitch technology, each Icon-It has a higher stitch count for improved visibility. You might also want to consider the “I Heart” embroidery option to show the world what you love!

1. Choose any of our 37 unique Icon-It designs.

Any style marked with a P can be personalized with up to three lines of text, 16 characters per line, and Icon-Its. with the exception of these items:
One line only: New Day Tote, Your Way Rectangle Basket Liner, Deluxe Cinch-Top Lid and Jewelry Keeper.
Large Initial Impression only: Around Town Tote

2. Add your name or favorite phrase. (Optional)

Icon-Its and Initial Impressions™ are available without text ($7). Text can be added to Icon-Its ($10). Large Initial Impressions™ are also $10.

3. Choose any of our 29 thread colors.

Simply select a thread color for your Icon-It and/or embroidery and you’re all set!

Ampersand Icon-It Ampersand
Auto Racer Icon-It Auto Racer
Ballet Shoes Icon-It Ballet Shoes
Baseball Icon-It Baseball
Basketball Icon-It Basketball
Bicycle Icon-It Bicycle
Butterfly Icon-It Butterfly
Cheer Megaphone Icon-It Cheer Megaphone
Chick Icon-It Chick
Cross Icon-It Cross
Elephant Icon-It Elephant
Football Icon-It Football
Frog Icon-It Froggy
Gives Care Ribbon Icon-It Gives Care Ribbon
Golf Icon-It Golf
Graduation Cap Icon-It Graduation Cap
Headphones Icon-It Headphones
Hello Happy Icon-It Hello Happy
Hockey Icon-It Hockey
I Heart Icon-It I Heart
Lacrosse Icon-It Lacrosse Sticks
Love Icon-It Love
Canada Maple Leaf Icon-It Maple Leaf
Music Note Icon-It Music Note
Paw Print Icon-It Paw Print
Poppy Icon-It Poppy
Remember to Smile Icon-It Remember to Smile
Robo Kid Icon-It Robo Kid
Soccer Ball Icon-It Soccer Ball
Sunshine Icon-It Sunshine
Super Stars Icon-It Super Stars
Swimming Icon-It Swim
Thirty-One Logo Icon-It Thirty-One Logo
Gives Logo Icon-It Gives Logo
Gives Heart Pink Gives Heart
Tiara Icon-It Tiara
Volleyball Icon-It Volleyball