Icon-It Embroidery

1. Choose any of our 27 unique Icon-It designs.

Any style marked with a I+ icon in our Catalog can be personalized with your favorite Icon-It. Choose from fonts 10-19.

2. Add your name or favorite phrase. (Optional)

Available with text ($10) or without text ($7). Simply select thread colors for your Icon-It and embroidery and you’re all set!

Anchor Icon-It Anchor
Auto Racer Icon-It Auto Racer
Ballet Shoes Icon-It Ballet Shoes
Baseball Icon-It Baseball
Basketball Icon-It Basketball
Bicycle Icon-It Bicycle
Butterfly Icon-It Butterfly
Chick Icon-It Chick
Cheer Megaphone Icon-It Cheer Megaphone
Cross Icon-It Cross
Daisy Icon-It Daisy
Fab Flower Icon-It Fab Flower
Football Icon-It Football
Frog Icon-It Froggy
Golf Icon-It Golf
Headphones Icon-It Headphones
Hockey Icon-It Hockey
Lacrosse Icon-It Lacrosse Sticks
Music Note Icon-It Music Note
Paw Print Icon-It Paw Print
Soccer Ball Icon-It Soccer
Super Stars Icon-It Super Stars
Survivor Icon-It Survivor
Swimming Icon-It Swim
Tennis Icon-It Tennis
Tiara Icon-It Tiara
Volleyball Icon-It Volleyball