Embroidery Guide

Our embroidery styles let your personality shine. Add a name, phrase, three initials or one initial to your item in a design and color of your choice. The guidelines below outline ordering details and limitations based on font size and product.

Step 1: Choose your style


Up to three lines, up to 16 characters per line.


Three letter monogram. Uppercase letters only.


Up to three uppercase letter or numbers.


Embellished uppercase letter or number.

Additional Style Option When You Order Online

For the first time, you can add a large initial monogram on several of our totes and products for the home, including:

  • Canvas Crew Carry-All
  • Canvas Crew Tote
  • Perfect Fit Organizer
  • Large Utility Tote
  • Essential Storage Tote
  • Stand Tall Bin
  • Cinch Sac
  • Spirit Cinch Sac
  • Cindy Tote

This 6-inch letter is a bold way to make a look your own, but it's only available when you order one of these products online!

Step 2: Choose your font:












Step 3: Choose your thread color:

Some fabric patterns have variations in print, so be sure to choose a color that will show up on ALL colors in a pattern, no matter where words or initials are placed.

  • Gold Thread Color Gold
  • Silver Thread Color Silver
  • Powder Pink Thread Color Powder Pink
  • Hot Pink Thread Color Hot Pink
  • Coral Pink Thread Color Coral Pink
  • Red Thread Color Red
  • Burgundy Thread Color Burgundy
  • Orange Thread Color Orange
  • Golden Yellow Thread Color Golden Yellow
  • Sunset Gold Thread Color Sunset Gold
  • Limeade Thread Color Limeade
  • Lime Green Thread Color Lime Green
  • Seaweed Thread Color Seaweed
  • Kelly Green Thread Color Kelly Green
  • True Turquoise Thread Color True Turquoise
  • Aqua Thread Color Aqua
  • breezy blue Thread Color Breezy Blue
  • Slate Blue Thread Color Slate Blue
  • Royal Blue Thread Color Royal Blue
  • Navy Blue Thread Color Navy Blue
  • Lavender Thread Color Lavender
  • Raspberry Thread Color Raspberry
  • Purple Thread Color Purple
  • Dark Violet Thread Color Dark Violet
  • Oatmeal Thread Color Oatmeal
  • Brown Thread Color Brown
  • Black Thread Color Black
  • White Thread Color White
  • Charcoal Thread Color Charcoal
  • Platinum Thread Color Platinum

Fall/Winter Patterns and Thread Color Recommendations

Look at the selected prints below to see suggestions for thread colors.

  • Black Chevron Swatch-Img

    Black Chevron

    Blend: platinum, white, charcoal

    Pop: hot pink, red, slate blue

  • Black Cross Pop Swatch-Img

    Black Cross Pop

    Goes great with your favorite color

  • Black Links Swatch-Img

    Black Links

    Blend: charcoal, platinum

    Pop: hot pink, slate blue, sunset gold, red

  • Black Playful Parade Swatch-Img

    Black Playful Parade

    Blend: charcoal, platinum

    Pop: hot pink, sunset gold, red, true turquoise

  • Black Tweed Dot Swatch-Img

    Black Tweed Dot

    Blend: black, charcoal

    Pop: golden yellow, red, royal blue, hot pink

  • Black Twill Stripe Swatch-Img

    Black Twill Stripe

    Blend: black, charcoal

    Pop: burgundy, raspberry, royal blue, sunset gold

  • Bubble Bloom Swatch-Img

    Bubble Bloom

    Blend: charcoal, limeade, platinum

    Pop: dark violet, purple, navy blue

  • Camo Swatch-Img


    Blend: black, brown, platinum

    Pop: royal blue, orange, hot pink

  • Charcoal Links Swatch-Img

    Charcoal Links

    Blend: charcoal, platinum

    Pop: dark violet, hot pink, orange, sunset gold

  • City Charcoal Swiss Dot Swatch-Img

    City Charcoal Swiss Dot

    Blend: black, charcoal

    Pop: royal blue, sunset gold, raspberry, burgundy

  • Cross Pop Dot Swatch-Img

    Cross Pop Dot

    Goes great with your favorite color

  • Dotty Chevron Swatch-Img

    Dotty Chevron

    Blend: navy blue, oatmeal, true turquoise

    Pop: dark violet, hot pink, golden yellow

  • Felt Swatch-Img


    Goes great with your favorite color

  • Fox Trot Swatch-Img

    Fox Trot

    Blend: brown, golden yellow, oatmeal, slate blue

    Pop: lime green, raspberry

  • Grey Wave Swatch-Img

    Grey Wave

    Blend: black, platinum

    Pop: true turquoise, limeade, hot pink, navy blue

  • Navy Cross Pop Swatch-Img

    Navy Cross Pop

    Goes great with your favorite color

  • Navy Dancing Dot Swatch-Img

    Navy Dancing Dot

    Blend: breezy blue, oatmeal, white

    Pop: kelly green, red, raspberry

  • Parisian Garden Swatch-Img

    Parisian Garden

    Blend: brown, golden yellow, slate blue, oatmeal

    Pop: lime green, raspberry

  • Perfect Stripe Swatch-Img

    Perfect Stripe

    Blend: brown, oatmeal, sunset gold

    Pop: lime green, raspberry, navy blue

  • Pink Cross Pop Swatch-Img

    Pink Cross Pop

    Blend: hot pink, powder pink

    Pop: limeade, navy blue, white, slate blue

  • Plum Dancing Dot Swatch-Img

    Plum Dancing Dot

    Blend: oatmeal, platinum, sunset gold

    Pop: powder pink, seaweed, slate blue

  • Plum Tweed Swatch-Img

    Plum Tweed

    Blend: brown, oatmeal, dark violet

    Pop: powder pink, slate blue, sunset gold

  • Red Wave Swatch-Img

    Red Wave

    Blend: burgundy, red

    Pop: golden yellow, kelly green, purple, royal blue

  • Sailor Stripe Swatch-Img

    Sailor Stripe

    Blend: navy blue, slate blue

    Pop: golden yellow, orange, hot pink, lime green

  • Taupe Cross Pop Swatch-Img

    Taupe Cross Pop

    Goes great with your favorite color

  • U R U Swirl Dot Swatch-Img

    U R U Swirl Dot

    Blend: black, white, charcoal

    Pop: hot pink, purple, slate blue

  • Vintage Damask Swatch-Img

    Vintage Damask

    Blend: platinum, sunset gold

    Pop: powder pink, seaweed, slate blue, true turquoise